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About Us

“Home is where the heart is” and “Not every house is a home”. We strongly believe in this.

Founded in 1999, Queenstar started its business in the wholesale sector as “Janaka Enterprises” (now Queenstar House (Pvt.) Ltd.). Then in 2010, “Queenstar” became the prestigious brand of Queenstar Group of Companies (Pvt.) Ltd. From there W. J. Jayawardana Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd. and Queenstar World were added to the group in the years 2015 and 2017, respectively.

Queenstar has a vast variety of products from Kitchenware to Furniture to Electronics. W. J. Jayawardana Distributors (Pvt.) Ltd. is the distribution arm of Queenstar products- Wooden Furniture, Sofa, Electronics, Cushion & Mattresses, MDF & Melamine Furniture, Office Furniture, and Steel Furniture.

We always strive hard to improve our products and services offered to our customers. As such, we expanded in to a spacious, 100 000 sqft facility in May 2017 as Queenstar World- our latest addition- “Lifestyle Concept Store”.


During our 18 years of service, we have been recognized several times by many reputed organizations in Sri Lanka that are operating in the area of retail and wholesale business. The last three awards received are displayed below.

Damro- All Island Winner

Litro Gas- Runner Up

Arpico- All Island Winner


Our vision is to be the most innovative “Lifestyle Concept Store” in Sri Lanka for furniture and electronics.


Our mission is to bring ideas of different “Lifestyles” to our customers - help them enhance their living spaces to suit their needs.

Aims and objectives

Our main aim is to provide our customers with ideas and space to experiment and innovate ways of arranging their living spaces to reflect their lifestyle. We also work very hard to bring our products and services accessible and affordable to everyone.

What is Unique with Us?

We believe;

  1. that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned.
  2. in maintaining a healthy work/ life balance.
  3. in commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
  4. in commitment to innovation and excellence.
  5. in commitment to doing good for the whole.
  6. in commitment to helping those less fortunate.
  7. in commitment to building strong communities.

Management team

Our strength is our staff. Queenstar prides itself of its staff who are well qualified professionals with long years of experience in what they do.

Seated (From Left)

R. M. S. SANGITHANI- Manager- Human Resources (Queenstar Group of Companies)
G. P. G. PERERA- General Manager (Queenstar Group of Companies)
V. V. RANASINGHE- Manager- Finance (Queenstar Group of Companies)
S. V. A. N. SEWWANDI- Assistant General Manager (Queenstar Group of Companies)

Standing (From Left)

L. T. D. DE SILVA- Manager (W. J. J. D. (Pvt.) Ltd.)
W. T. N. SUPENDRA- Manager (Queenstar World)
E. V. S. S. CHANDRASEKARA- Assistant Manager (W. J. J. D. (Pvt.) Ltd.)
R. D. D. C. KUMARA- Manager (Queenstar House (Pvt.) Ltd.)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are always committed to serving our customers and helping those who are in need. As such, Queenstar has been carrying out the following two projects.

"Athwela" Magazine

“Athwela Magazine” was started two months ago, making a concept of the Chairman of Queenstar Group of Companies, in to a reality . The main aim of the magazine is to spread the habit of ethical living and helping those who are less fortunate. Read more…

Download “Athwela” Volume 1- September 2017 (pdf)
Download “Athwela” Volume 2- October 2017 (pdf)
Download “Athwela” Volume 3- November 2017 (pdf)

Click here to find out how you could contribute to the magazine.

Poya Day Charity Event

Queenstar has been continuously conducting various charity events on every Poya Day of the year. Read more…

Free Medical Health Clinic- October 2017
Issuing Dry Rations for Pregnant Mothers- September 2017

Special Projects


Qcafe is another project done by Queenstar Group of Companies (Pvt.) Ltd. Read more…


Official web radio of Queenstar Group of companies (Pvt.) Ltd. Read more…