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Welcome to Queenstar World!

We are a "Lifestyle Concept Store", specializing in furniture and electronics.

come. experience the difference!

Our vision is to be the most innovative “Lifestyle Concept Store” in Sri Lanka for furniture and electronics.

Our mission is to bring ideas of different “Lifestyles” to our customers - help them enhance their living spaces to suit their needs.

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Your life style depicts how you observe things and your perception of the life you live. You want your living spaces to deliver the message, wordless. From being an adorable spouse to a caring parent to a jolly good fellow, we have the ideas and the space for you to innovate.

We aim at being the help you want in getting there. Our concept store is your workshop, your laboratory of many experiments and innovations.

Simply visit our concept store to get your ideas stimulated or to try out your own idea, right there, right now. Our dedicated staff is always there to help you with arrangements, information and sketches.